Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery

Business ContinuityBusiness Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Planning is a holistic management process that identifies potential threats to an organization and the impact to business operations that the realization of those threats could bring. A sound program is essential to protecting the well-being of your organization and you must have a plan in place prior to an incident if you hope to emerge successfully from a crisis. To create and continuously update a plan, you will need to use significant resources and qualified experts who have had real-world planning and business continuity management experience.

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Expert Witness Testimony

Our forensics professionals are some of the most experienced digital forensics analysts in the world. Because we utilize the industry’s leading technology used to analyze digital evidence, we are also the best choice when it comes to choosing an expert witness.

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HIPAA Gap Analysis and Assessments

HIPAA AssessmentThe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires any business that handles electronic patient health information (ePHI) to take reasonable steps to ensure this information remains secure.

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Incident Management and Response

Incident management and responseThe black market for payment cardholder data, customer information, intellectual property, confidential documents, and other forms of sensitive information is a multi-billion dollar industry. The market is so lucrative that hackers and organized criminals are constantly attacking networks in search of huge payoffs. Gone are the days of "script kiddies" and basement enthusiasts attempting to penetrate corporate networks just to see if it could be done. Organized criminals are fully entrenched in the business of cyber crime, constantly attacking your network and hoping to convert your organization's valuable digital assets into black market commodities.

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