Assassins in the darkweb, “Service catalogue” and Price list” updated

Contract killers on darkweb have come up with updated "service-catalogue" with updated prices. Which are major changes and trends for prices?

While comparing the recent screenshot of their "service-catalogue" captured from a C'thulhu Darksite with the published earlier, the following updates have been observed

They have done away with the "rank" systems, they have done away with the "rank" categorization for the target, and instead they have adopted a fairly simple categorization approach. The target would simply be categorized either as a "Regular Person" or a "public person"; there will not be any "medium" ranked targets. So, they have done away with "medium rank" categorization. Moreover, they have added the prices for higher difficulty levels; i.e., they have added the prices for the targets with the guards. Moreover, the prices vary based on the number of guards, if the target has 1 or 2 guards then the price would be higher than the target without the guards and if the target has 3-5 guards then the price for that would be the highest as the "difficulty level" would be the highest.

The old Pricelist found in the darkweb

darkweb old price listBelow the new one

darkweb new price listOne more thing that drew the attention was that they have changed their tag-line as well; earlier, it used to be "The best place to put your all problems to grave!" the recent capture shows the tag-line as " No fish is too big, no job too small – HITMAN does it all !"

darkweb announcement 2Furthermore, if we observe the language used in Q&A, we can say that this was not written by a native English writer as there are conspicuous grammatical mistakes in writing.

darkweb announcement 3Another known assassination market "Hitman Network" also updated its price list, they have significantly lowered the price than what was published/reported earlier. They have almost gone down by 50%.

darkweb hitman offer newMoreover, the significant price difference was observed between these 2 killer markets, C'thulhu has got 45,000 USD for a regular target whereas Hitman has got only around 5000 USD for its target. We are not sure how many of these market offerings are legit.

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