Security Jobs from the Boardroom to the N.O.C. and all related websites are owned and produced by Andrew A. Afifi, M.Sc. Network Security, CISSP, CCSE, CCSA, MCSE is a vendor independent web portal to share knowledge and help information systems security professionals who are looking to advance their career by offering information on cyber security, security certifications, jobs and as a venue to allow security professionals to share knowledge.

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Mr. Afifi is an information technology, security, audit, compliance and risk executive with experience in wide variety of industries and specialization in audit and compliance, infrastructure security, risk assessments, information security compliance and policies, role-based authorization methodologies, incident response programs, computer forensics, security attack pathologies and other security tools and authentication methods.

Mr. Afifi holds a Master of Science degree in Network Security and frequently lectures on design and implementation of information security infrastructure, identity management, threat management and access management including security monitoring systems and cyber security . His experience includes, providing services to a variety of industries and global enterprises in audit and compliance, audit program and control mitigation, regulatory compliance audit and mitigation, information security and risk assessments, best practices and methodologies, e-business infrastructure security design and implementation, identity management and threat management and mitigation.

Mr. Afifi has served as an Associate Partner for IBM Global Security Services, Director of Security and Security Strategist for Computer Associates, Sr. Manager for Deloitte & Touche, Sr. Manager of Global Security Risk and Compliance for VeriSign, and a Global Security Program Manager for Franklin Templeton Investments, and in the capacity of Chief Security Officer for a fortune 500 organization. and all related web sites are an effort by Mr. Afifi to help promote information security, cyber security awareness, share knowledge and communication amongst information system security professionals and to help information security professionals advance their career.