It seems incredible, but as already happened for Skype it is possible to crash the latest version of Google Chrome with a simple tiny URL.
The flaw was discovered last week by the expert Andris Atteka who filed also a bug report.

A vulnerability discovered in WhatsApp Web, the web-based extension of the WhatsApp mobile application, can be exploited by attackers to trick users into executing arbitrary code on their machines.

Over the last few years, hackers have set their targets on Internet-connected baby monitors. They have hacked into baby monitors to scream at toddlers, to curse out their parents, and to turn them into spy cams. Earlier this year, a hacker put live feeds from a thousand baby monitors onto a site titled, "Big Brother is Watching You." Just last week, an Indiana couple was freaked out by someone hacking into their 2-year-old's baby monitor to play the Police's "Every Breath You Take," followed by "sexual noises."

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