On Wednesday, the popular gadget blog Gizmodo proclaimed that the site's writers were able to "spy on a total stranger's iPhone" thanks to an iMessage-related bug. "Apple, you might want to fix this," suggests the post, which goes on to describe with embarrassing detail what the writers learned about the stranger, an Apple Store employee.

Citigroup has released an update to its iPhone mobile banking application after it was discovered that the previous version, unbeknownst to users, saved confidential account information in a hidden file on their devices.

The prior version of the Citi Mobile application also may have saved the same data onto users' computers if they synced their iPhone to their computer using iTunes.

New Mobile Scams

As mobile phones get more sophisticated, hi-tech criminals are dusting off some old tricks. Security companies have noticed a rise in trojans known as diallers that used to be popular during the days of dial-up net access.

VOIP Hacking?Corporate teleconferences and other sensitive video feeds traveling over internet are a lot more vulnerable to interception thanks to the release of free software tool.

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