They say the Senate's CISA cyberthreat information sharing bill would allow businesses to share too much information. U.S. President Barack Obama should oppose legislation intended to let businesses share cyberthreat information with each other and with government agencies because the bill would allow the sharing of too much personal information, a coalition of digital rights groups and security experts said.

Thousands of t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and other items containing an ancient mathematical symbol were pulled from an online marketplace last week for allegedly violating a registered trademark: Pi (π.)

Most international staff I know who are working in the humanitarian field aren’t paying any attention to cybersecurity. Why is that? For starters, it’s an issue rooted in the security community which humanitarians have traditionally tried to maintain at arm’s length. But also humanitarians see themselves as the good guys; "we’re delivering food and water to needy people," the argument goes, "who would want to launch a cyberattack against us?"