It used to be that the bully in the schoolyard taunted victims face to face. Today, attacks of name calling or being the target of rumors can come via e-mails and text messages, sometimes anonymously, from a teenage cyberbully sitting at a computer or texting on a cell phone long after the school bell has rung and the halls have gone dark. Now, new research is painting a worrisome portrait of those attackers and their victims.

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can you afford security?

Virtualization, web 2.0, and the cloud bring new security threats, but budgets are tight. A key issue: how to leverage relatively flat IT security budgets as systems are besieged by threats.

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The CIO as CSO?

It could be time to delegate other functions and focus on these core issues. Do you spend your days worrying about server capacity, application availability and website uptime? As the traditional realm of the CIO, these topics are certainly worthy of attention. But it may be time to delegate responsibility to one of your senior deputies so you can focus squarely on the most pressing issue of the day: security and privacy.

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