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Reach out to the best talents in information security and technology today. CISSP.COM connects your organization with information systems security professionals world wide. We provides news, information, networking opportunities and services within the CISSPs and information security and technology communities worldwide. You can advertise your jobs, events, products, training classes and training classes schedule. We will work with you to customize your program and deliver your goals.

Our sites are visited by:

  • CISOs, CIOs and CSOs
  • Principals and Partners
  • Senior Consultants
  • IT Professionals
  • Directors and Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Vice Presidents
  • Product Managers
 CISSP.COM executes an aggressive marketing plan establishing us as the leading portal for information security professionals and provide community sponsors with significant opportunities for brand exposure. Our marketing plan includes:
  • Partnerships and Affiliations
  • Sponsor Co-Marketing
  • Community-based "Viral" Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Public Relations


You Should know:

  • CISSP.COM is listed within the top 10 on all major search engines world-wide.
  • CISSP.COM is visited and used by security and technology professionals from major organizations world-wide
  • CISSP.COM is visited by chief information security officers, data security managers and network administrators, as a result you are reaching the decision makers and the technical professionals.
  • You're assured traffic and return on investment due to reaching your target audience and the power of the promotional and marketing efforts of CISSP.COM.
  • All our advertising programs are customized with minimal fees, therefore we will meet your unique requirements.

The Security Professionals Career Center demographics:

  • 8.2 Million Hits/Month.
  • 960 thousands unique users/Month
  • 72% Male.
  • 82% Age 30-49.
  • 50% more likely than the average internet user to have household income over $100K.
  • 74% College Grad/Post Grad.
  • 35% more likely than the average internet user to have household income over $150K.
  • 60% are C-Level, EVP, SVP, and/or Senior Management.
  • 94% more likely than the average internet user to be associated with the computer industry.
  • 181% more likely than the average internet user to be associated with the information security and technology industries.

Sponsorship Packages include:

Create a customized community-wide sponsorship program targeted to your specific goals. We can work with you to design a campaign that will maximize your marketing investment. For an example of some of our offers, see below

Site-Specific Benefits:

  • Site Sponsorship: Maximize your brand exposure when your logo brand button is prominently displayed when members visit CISSP.COM.
  • Banner Marketing: Promote your brand through thousands of banner impressions when members enter key community areas.
  • Live Chat Sessions: Communicate your vision directly to members. We will coordinate, host, promote, market, and provide you with exclusive sponsorship of a Live Web Event.
  • Resource Directory: Promote your company through the most comprehensive directory of suppliers and affiliates. This "virtual trade show" gives members access to your corporate contact information and product categorization by vendor type and product.
  • Community Thought Leadership: Steer the direction of technology adoption through submission of your company's white papers, case studies, articles, and Ballot Box questions.
  • Corporate Seminar and Events Marketing: Market your user groups, seminars, events, and/or web broadcasts in our site's Events & Broadcasts feature.

Direct Marketing Benefit:

  • Sponsorship of Newsletters: Deliver a customized marketing message via inclusion of your 50-word write-up with link to your Web site in our weekly email newsletters.
  • Member Marketing: Promote your brand, target your marketing message and generate leads to community members who have opted-in to receive marketing information.
  • Member Survey Program: Submit questions to and get answers from periodic surveys sent to The Security Professionals Career Center members.

Networking Benefit:

Local Interest Groups: Meet with our virtual community in the real world during one of our local interest group meetings.

To learn more about our sponsorship packages and to advertise on CISSP.COM and related websites, please contact us.