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ZURICH, Dec 2 (Reuters) - The Swiss government proposed on Friday making it mandatory to report cyberattacks on critical infrastructure as a way to help shed light on hackers and sound the alarm more widely.

Nov. 28, 2022 - The Defense Department on Tuesday released its Zero Trust Strategy and Roadmap, which spells out how it plans to move beyond traditional network security methods to achieve reduced network attack surfaces, enable risk management and effective data-sharing in partnership environments, and contain and remediate adversary activities over the next five years.

As the sports world’s attention turns its eyes to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, threat actors are looking to cash-in or draw attention to their cause with attacks aimed at drawing unsuspecting fans who may be more distracted with rooting for their favored teams than cybersecurity.

LastPass and its affiliate GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) have announced that they suffered a security incident and, in LastPass’ case, a possible data breach.

The Keralty multinational healthcare organization suffered a RansomHouse ransomware attack on Sunday, disrupting the websites and operations of the company and its subsidiaries.

A previously unnamed ransomware has rebranded under the name 'Trigona,' launching a new Tor negotiation site where they accept Monero as ransom payments.

Former Uber security chief Joe Sullivan’s conviction is a rare criminal consequence for an executive’s handling of a hack.

A bug in the message encryption mechanism used by Microsoft in Office 365 can allow to access the contents of the messages.

Ad injection and other "man-in-the-middle" techniques will have a tougher time installing themselves onto PCs.

44 per cent of Internet users admit having shared their passwords or stored them in visible places.

Frankly, I'm surprised. Is it the revelation that Juniper had "unauthorized code" in their Netscreen product? Is it that a third party could reportedly remotely access these systems? Is it that VPN traffic could be decrypted?

I'm seeing in the news today that a subset of Twitter users have been receiving notifications that they may well be the targets of surveillance by nation state actors. Step one, let's all take a deep breath.

Cybersecurity funding in corporate environments has always been a source of anxiety for those who seek to keep organizations safe. When we examine the cybersecurity readiness of many state, local, and territorial governments, this funding struggle is taken to new heights of scarcity.

A vital part of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Data Protection Initiative has been completed, CFTC Commissioner Dawn Stump announced this week.

Cryptographic key reuse is rampart in European payment terminals, allowing attackers to compromise them en masse.

Security firm Zscaler discovered a malicious campaign based on a new strain of the Spy Banker banking malware.

FireEye says it has discovered a type of malware designed to steal payment card data that can be very difficult to detect and remove.
The cybercriminal group behind the malware, which FireEye nicknamed "FIN1," is suspected of being in Russia and has been known to target financial institutions.

The malware, which FIN1 calls Nemesis, infected an organization that processes financial transactions, which FireEye did not identify.

A criminal named Hacker Buba after asking UAE bank for $3 million ransom started leaking customer data online.

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