Google Wallet users might be wise to start getting a little nervous.

Yesterday, researchers outlined a complicated way to crack the Google Wallet PIN used to make purchases with the smartphone-based payment system. Now there's a new hack that could let a stranger gain access to the funds of Wallet users.

 Microsoft today issued 13 security updates that patched 22 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows, Office and other software, including one that harked back two decades to something dubbed "Ping of Death."

If the information the NYT has received about the Citigroup breach is correct, and the intrusion was made possible by the exploitation of a vulnerability so frequent and common that it made OWASP's top 10 web application risks list, one wonders how it is possible that the world's largest financial services company hasn't got security experts that would remedy it.

A researcher says BMW was informed of the mobile app vulnerability that allows hackers to locate and unlock cars months before the attack method was disclosed.

At the recent DEF CON conference in Las Vegas, security researcher Samy Kamkar showcased a $100 gadget that allowed him to intercept the login credentials of General Motors car owners who used the company's OnStar RemoteLink iOS app.